trax360 is a technology package that allows Ag distributors and Ag retailers to easily label and track any bulk or mobile asset with bar-code labels and scanning equipment. You have too much riding on and in your storage tanks to take them for granted. Your operations, your inventory, your customer service all depend on you having the information you need, when you need it. Introducing Trax360–an affordable solution that continuously tracks the status of your chemical mini-bulk containers, chemical pumps, inventory and other assets. trax360 gives you instant, up-to-date, accurate information on your storage tanks, 24/7, from any computer. trax360 helps you reduce loss exposure and improve asset utilization increasing your return on assets.

No more uncertainty. With trax360 tank tracking, you are automatically notified when a tank needs attention. Whether it’s at your facility or your customer’s, you’ll have instant access to the information you need to know to better manage your storage tanks.

The easy way to track storage tanks and meet 2011 EPA container requirements.

  • Easy to use bar-code labels and wireless scanning equipment so that your containers have a unique method of identification, meeting the new 2011 EPA mini bulk refillable container requirements
  • Asset reconciliation to match in-bound and out-bound shipments
  • Asset transfers between unlimited locations
  • Tanker to bulk, bulk to mini-bulk and mini-bulk to mini-bulk filling
  • Simple Windows user interface, allowing seasonal users to quickly learn how to operate
  • Product calculator to determine shipping weights and gallons
  • Accurately records each inspection and fill meeting the new 2011 EPA mini bulk refillable container requirements
  • Web-based service that’s easy to implement and easy to use
  • Customization and integration with your accounting system is available
  • Data security–your information is always safe, secure and confidential

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