R360 - EPA - Labels

Labels Tested and Specifically Designed for the Ag Industry

We print-on-demand to help you keep your labels in stock and your business EPA PCC compliant.

Our labels are 3.5mil poly-pro, and have industrial strength - chemical resistance adhesive.
  • They've been tested and have met specifications for the AG Industry, inclusive conditions to withstand:
    • High Water Pressure [1800-2300 PSI]
    • Cleaning and rinsing environments for re-dedication and recycling
    • 120 to 180 degrees [F] Water Temperature
    • Commercial grade Dryer conditions [High Pressure Hot Air] up to 2300 PSI
    • Our Colored labels are FADE RESISTANT [2 ply process with varnish finish]
    • Customize your labels, including your LOGO
    • If there's a label (even Non-EPA PCC required labels) you need please inquire and we'll be glad to help.

  • Our Tamper Evident Seals:
    • Aircraft Cable, Anodized Aluminum Seal, Plastic Zip and more
    • No Tools required to attach!
    • Different Styles, Colors and Lengths available!
    • Seals are numbered to help track.

NH3 and LP Tank Decals Also Available

Any Size - Customizable - Quick Turn Around - Best of Breed - Die-Cut Vinyl Decals - Proven for Ag Industry

Our machine die-cuts the vinyl according to the artwork and applies a pre-masking for easy application. Made with UV resistant gloss vinyl with a variety of colors to choose from. Conforms to flat surfaces and mild curvatures.