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OneView Applications for Agriculture

  • Asset Tracker
  • ATG Inventory Manager
  • Bulk Tank Inventory Manager
  • Dispatch Manager
  • Fleet Manager
  • JobsPOV
  • Mobile Equipment Manager

Equipment & Vehicle Data

  • Location
  • Engine Hours/Runtime
  • Tank Level
  • Ullage
  • Tank or Line Leak
  • Arrivals/Departures
  • State Miles
  • Drive Time/Idle Time
  • Temperature
  • Fluid Level
  • Power Usage
  • Maintenance Data History

Manage Essential Farm Equipment and Inventories without Leveraging the Farm

The uncertainties of agriculture cause sleepless nights for farmers and cooperatives alike. With weather, economic conditions, and more to contend with, things like equipment downtime, inadequate fuel inventories, and inefficient service operations can be detrimental to operations.

Pedigree Technologies OneView® for Agriculture gives agricultural cooperatives and farmers a way to revolutionize operations by vastly improving service route planning and heavy equipment management to save money and take control in an unpredictable industry.

More than just route planning software

Pedigree Technologies OneView® for Agriculture lets you know exactly how much inventory you have, when it reaches critical levels, where your trucks are located, and what time deliveries will be made. OneView enables quick, just-in-time deliveries of fertilizers, chemicals, and fuel, significantly increasing efficiency and productivity and minimizing downtime for applicators and other equipment.

OneView can continuously track equipment health in real time, collecting information you can use to improve efficiency, extend the life of your equipment, and reduce energy consumption. With a simple, secure Internet login, you instantly get a view of your highest-priority maintenance needs.

With OneView for Agriculture, you can significantly improve service, equipment maintenance, and inventory replenishment from one affordable, easy-to-use suite of applications.

  • Remotely monitor all your powered and non-powered assets and equipment in real-time, with operational data and maintenance records for each asset on a single screen.
  • Enable quick, just-in-time deliveries of fertilizers, chemicals, feed, grain and fuel.
  • Keep equipment running longer and prevent downtime with machine health monitoring so you can fix small problems before they become big ones.
  • Receive automatic maintenance alerts for all types of equipment:
    • Dry and liquid applicators
    • Tender trucks, grain transports, feed trucks, field pickups, propane and fuel trucks
    • Fuel, gasoline, and propane tanks
    • Liquid fertilizer tanks, Anhydrous nurse, and main tanks
    • Trailers
    • Skid steers
  • Reduce manual processes, administrative tasks, and paperwork. You’ll never have to drive around to check equipment or inventory levels again.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency in the field by ensuring the correct inventories and equipment are delivered at the right time.
  • Optimize performance, safety, and reporting to meet FMCSA compliance regulations and IFTA reporting requirements.

Manage operations from a web browser

From computer or device with Internet access, you can view current and historical operational efficiency data, plus you receive automatic alerts when conditions indicate a problem that needs to be addressed, such as low inventory or equipment problems. The result? Agricultural cooperatives can retain millions of dollars in additional revenue and cost savings.

OneView for Agriculture helps you minimize downtime for applicators and other equipment, proactively manage fuel inventories for customers, and increase efficiencies in the field.

Here are just a few of the features in the OneView suite of cloud- and tablet-based applications for agriculture:

  • Dashboard with real-time location of trucks, tractors, and assets; job queue; and tank inventories by location.
  • GPS and cellular tracking.
  • Dispatch, routing, and navigation.
  • Geo-fencing.
  • Runtime and engine hour reporting.
  • Machine diagnostics.
  • Remote tank monitoring.
  • Forms for fuel purchases and job assignments in the field.
  • Alarms.
  • Reports, including IFTA mileage tax.

The seasonal nature of farming creates short windows of opportunity. OneView gives you real-time information about your inventories, equipment, and mobile workforce to help you seize the moment.

Find out how Pedigree Technologies OneView® for Agriculture can help you extend equipment life, increase productivity in the field, and save time and money through more efficient farming and service delivery operations. Schedule a customized demo of OneView today!

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