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EPA 2011 Container Rule

Purpose of the Rule

The U.S. EPA Rule seeks to provide sound stewardship practices and national consistency for pesticide labeling, container design, repackaging and storage.

Who Must Comply

The Rule is a federal regulation that affects all states, regardless of existing state regulations. Parts of the Rule affect retailers, commercial applicators, customer blenders, refillers (both retailers and distributors) and registrants.

Overview of the EPA Container and Containment Rule

After August 16, 2011, all portable refillable containers must meet the following requirements. After this date, many existing portable refillable containers will be obsolete if they cannot meet these requirements.

  • One-way valves or tamper evident device on openings (other than vents) is required. Contact equipment vendors about options.
  • Containers must have a unique method of identification, such as a serial number or other ID code.
  • Must meet DOT design, construction and marking.
  • No limits on size, except those placed by registrants of the refillable container.
  • Must be cleaned between uses, unless tamper evident and/or one-way valves are intact and filled with the same product.
  • Containers must be on an approved list from the registrant.
  • Must have registrant’s cleaning instructions and repackaging authorization on hand.
  • EPA Est. # and net contents must be on the product label affixed to the tank.
  • Container integrity is the responsibility of both the re-filler and the registrant.
  • Records must be kept for each inspection and fill.

The EPA summary and Rule is available at:

A Solution for the EPA Container and Containment Rule

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EPA Publishes Container Final Rule

EPA Publishes Final Rule Amending the Pesticide Container and Containment Regulations The final rule applies to all registrants and is available on their web site.

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