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AGinfoDATA Offers A Solution In Mini-Bulk Container Compliance (link)

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"I can get my Tamper Evident Seals from a hundred different places; but those places can't and don't offer the other resources that The R360 Division of AGinfoDATA offers. I honestly don't think we would've been able to get through the EPA Pesticide Container and Containment regulations process without the resources and products offered from The R360 Division of AGinfoDATA. The logo on our labels looked great and we will for sure order labels and tamper evident seals from them again!"
-Carl, Top Ag

"The labels AGinfoDATA printed for us are phenomenal. Aiming to provide professional service and top-notch products in an accelerated fashion, they never fail to hit their target"
- Mike, C-W Valley Co-op

"Labels showed up today. Thank you, they look very good! We'll call you when we run out!"
- Tom, East Kansas Chemical

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Our Company

AGinfoDATA, LLC is a technology based company forging ground exclusively for AG business. We offer decades of experience, commitment, and a passion to over deliver what we promise. Itís that EASY. The result is proven experience offering a comprehensive EPA compliance solution. This solution is designed by AG businesses for AG business to meet the AG userís requirements, whether you are Basic, a Distributor, an Ag Retailer and/or Grower. The mission is simple and EASY; improve business efficiencies, profitability and Reduce Risk and Exposure all resulting in sustainability for tomorrow. We provide AG business stakeholders a Security Blanket to be compliant with the new EPA Container and Containment Rule effective August 16, 2011. Above all, we have been working with industry leaders to align our process, our best practices and our solutions to meet the reporting and retention requirements of the regulations. We have prepared and designed our offering to be installed with four easy and simple steps so you may remove the burden of RISK, focus on your business, provide value to your customer and support the sustainability of agriculture. We are on your side and are prepared to be deployed when you, the customer, say GO.

AGinfoDATA, LLC is the leading provider of storage tank and mini bulk container compliance solutions. We have advanced the development of proven technology to reside on version 4.17 today and are still enhancing and improving. The benefit: You are not cutting your teeth on our solutions and you will not be on the bleeding edge. In addition, you will not be the first customer with us. Your total cost of ownership is reduced by our pricing model. Why? Our solution, trax360 , is offered to the market as, a solution as a service, (SAAS), platform. A geeky name, meaning itís easy and you pay a monthly subscription fee that is all inclusive with no hidden costs, no surprises, and support and training in real time on line. We are solutions made EASY.

The benefits are numerous, a few to highlight: No major cash out lay to install and buy software. No ongoing service contracts to buy and manage. Up time guarantee. Fixed operating expense for contract period. We are continuing to utilize and deploy best of breed products inside technology offerings. The technology partners you may have heard of are Microsoft, MS Window Mobile, Motorola, Intermec, Datalogics and Citrix to name a few.

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